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About us

Compared with the demand for security systems between Europe and Turkey, Turkey 90% seems to be better. While these rates are growing rapidly in the direction of the demands, the European social security systems have set standards for their work because of the change. As TeknoWorld we are proud of being a European company that can meet these standards.

If we list the companies and institutions we serve:

 Police buildings,




 Shopping Centers,

 Domestic and foreign wholesalers are located.


TeknoWorld was founded in 2004 in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Our company was founded in 2004 under the name of Intermedia, it was founded in the field of software in the first period and has achieved many success in this field.


In this process, our company which showed interest in the rapidly increasing demand in the security sector has made an attempt in the field of “Security Systems” in 2007 and succeeded.
Since its establishment, TeknoWorld attaches great importance to quality, diligence and work discipline and at the same time has gained a very important place in the field of security systems of German and Turkish in the field of work because of having certified specialist employees in its field.


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